Political Interviews With UCF Students: Liberal Edition

For some people, Liberalism has been seen as a beacon of hope. For some others, it has been seen as an extreme. Another large group sees it as a system of destruction. The political ideology was originally revoluntary in many ways. Politically, it challenged the hierarchy during Medieval times. Socially, it introduced the harming principle and being anti-paternalism. Economically, it introduced capitalism. The two college students I interviewed discuss their views through this perspective.


TaTiana is a senior who studies creative writing with a minor in theatre. She is also a staff writer for Her Campus UCF. The closest political label that she adheres to is liberal.

When I asked TaTiana about her political journey, she said she wasn’t into politics for the longest time. However, her father, who is Afro-Cuban and her diverse community, influenced her political upbringing:

For the rest of her family, TaTiana is the only liberal. The rest of her family are either left-leaning independents or apolitical. She was brought up as Christian, but she doesn’t identify as one at the moment:

When I asked her about Trump and his influence on the Democratic Party, she was hesitant to say that it was positive because of what the term typically means. However, she stated that:

He helps me find more reasons to fight for people and rights. I also think negatively because everything is so divided.

Although TaTiana is a registered Democrat, she sees problems with both parties stating that they both are corrupt:

TaTiana sees that the Democratic Party is trying to stay close to the middle to reach out to both ends of the spectrum:

When I mentioned Trump Derangement Syndrome and asked her opinion on it, she thought it applied to those who were right-leaning rather than folks who lean left. However, when she learned about the term, she said it wasn’t a valid term:

As a liberal, TaTiana feels that the media portrayal depends on who is writing or speaking about each political group:

Regarding Ben Shapiro, she didn’t initially know who was:

I also posed a question about Kaitlin Bennett with her two visits:

TaTiana disagrees with Bennett on a large range of topics, such as her openly carrying an assault weapon at Kent State and her not getting any form of consequences for that. She doesn’t like how Bennett is also supportive of Trump.

TaTiana has already voted for Joe Biden:

We discussed voting by mail, and she said that as long as people mail out their ballot as soon as they get their ballot, it’s fine. She didn’t send it through outside boxes because she was scared:

I questioned if TaTiana is involved at the state and local level when it comes to its politics:

Well I according to a letter that I’ve gotten from the state of Florida, I haven’t voted since 2018. They wanted to drag me for that. I don’t really vote for those, and it’s not on purpose. I don’t really vote in the states one, and I know I should. When I do vote, it typically is for the Democratic Party. They are the only ones who have shared my views.

TaTiana’s top issues are the children at the border, the school system, Black Lives Matter, and the protection of the LGBT, specifically trans community:

“They need to be talked about and protected more.”

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Since TaTiana mentioned Black Lives Matter, I asked her about the protests that have erupted since May due to the death of George Floyd and other Black Americans:

We moved onto how the Trump-Pence administration and Governor Ron DeSantis handled the COVID-19 Pandemic:

TaTiana wants Biden to win but has a sinking feeling in her stomach that Trump might win:

After TaTiana graduates from UCF, she plans on writing books or movies. She also might become an English teacher in a foreign country such as Japan.


Genevieve is a junior who majors in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. Genevieve has moved a lot throughout her childhood, so if she had to pinpoint one location as her hometown, it would be Panama City, Florida.

When discussing her politics, she said she is in the range between being a liberal and a leftist. The party that she is registered with is the Democratic Party.

Genevieve attributes her political journey to learning:

Genevieve is not alone with being a liberal in her family, with her mom originally being very liberal. Her dad is conservative and is a part of the Republican Party. Both of her parents, however, have become more moderate as the years have gone by. Her sister is a leftist.

Genevieve grew up being Catholic and went to Catholic schools throughout her K-12 school education, but personally, she’s not religious:

When it came to reproductive rights and same-sex marriage equality growing up I was at church one day, and my Priest said ‘All gays are going to hell.’ I always knew that was wrong from such a young age. I oppose the Catholic church’s beliefs.

Genevieve stated that her beliefs haven’t changed when it comes to Trump’s influence in the Democratic Party but have only gotten stronger. However, it made her realized how divided the country is and where individuals stand on certain issues:

Genevieve has heard the argument for Trump Derangement Syndrome before. Still, she doesn’t think it exists:

They just use the argument that he’s not your typical politician. He’s going to drain the swamp. He’s going to get rid of the corrupt. We have literally witnessed the exact opposite. I think they use that to derail from everything he has done to shift the blame.

She believes that the media merges everyone in the Democratic Party’s beliefs together, even though not everyone contains the same beliefs:

One of Genevieve’s major issues with both parties, particularly her own, is that they push one candidate to represent the whole party:

With the Republican party, she sees a lot of groupthink going on, stating:

I asked Genevieve if she feels if both parties are becoming either too left or right. She feels that the Democratic Party is just trying to shift more moderate since they feel like that’s the only way they will win the Presidential election. She was unsure about the Republican party:

Genevieve thinks Ben Shapiro had every right to be on campus but doesn’t agree with UCF funding part of the event:

We moved onto Kaitlin Bennett, and Genevieve was there during her first visit:

Genevieve and other UCF students met with UCF President Dr. Cartwright regarding Bennett’s first appearance:

Genevieve voted by mail since her family is now located in Bay County, Florida:

With Genevieve voting by mail, I directly followed up to ask her whether she believes it is secure. She said it depends:

Genevieve is a voter outreach organizer through For Our Future Florida, so she talks to Floridians every day regarding voting. She understands why people feel that voting by mail is not safe:

Genevieve voted for Joe Biden and had a lot to explain for why she chose to vote for him:

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Genevieve has participated in some events in her registered county when it comes to local politics, and she shares candidates in Bay County for people to vote for or support. However, she does more work in Orange County:

Genevieve’s most important issues are climate change, Black Lives Matter, equality, and healthcare:

I asked Genevieve how she has felt about the protests and the incidents that have happened:

She also went to protests as well and explains why they are so important:

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Genevieve believes that Trump and the federal government have mishandled the COVID-19 Pandemic and had ulterior motives:

She also specifically critiqued the actions that President Trump took when it came to handling the virus, stating:

She moved onto Governor DeSantis. She also felt that he politicized the Pandemic:

I asked Genevieve who she believes will win the election. She hopes it’s Biden. However, she was reading a theory that she found interesting and scary when it comes to the methods of voting:

Closing the interview, I asked Genevieve why people should be liberal. She responded:

After UCF, Genevieve plans on getting her certification to become a paralegal and work at a law firm. She might attend law school in the future.

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Deborah currently attends the University of Central Florida where she double majors in political science and psychology with a minor in journalism studies.

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