Political Interviews With UCF Students: Liberal Edition

For some people, Liberalism has been seen as a beacon of hope. For some others, it has been seen as an extreme. Another large group sees it as a system of destruction. The political ideology was originally revoluntary in many ways. Politically, it challenged the hierarchy during Medieval times. Socially, it introduced the harming principle and being anti-paternalism. Economically, it introduced capitalism. The two college students I interviewed discuss their views through this perspective.


TaTiana is a senior who studies creative writing with a minor in theatre. She is also a staff writer for Her Campus UCF. The closest political label that she adheres to is liberal.

He helps me find more reasons to fight for people and rights. I also think negatively because everything is so divided.

Although TaTiana is a registered Democrat, she sees problems with both parties stating that they both are corrupt:

“They need to be talked about and protected more.”

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Genevieve is a junior who majors in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. Genevieve has moved a lot throughout her childhood, so if she had to pinpoint one location as her hometown, it would be Panama City, Florida.

When it came to reproductive rights and same-sex marriage equality growing up I was at church one day, and my Priest said ‘All gays are going to hell.’ I always knew that was wrong from such a young age. I oppose the Catholic church’s beliefs.

Genevieve stated that her beliefs haven’t changed when it comes to Trump’s influence in the Democratic Party but have only gotten stronger. However, it made her realized how divided the country is and where individuals stand on certain issues:

They just use the argument that he’s not your typical politician. He’s going to drain the swamp. He’s going to get rid of the corrupt. We have literally witnessed the exact opposite. I think they use that to derail from everything he has done to shift the blame.

She believes that the media merges everyone in the Democratic Party’s beliefs together, even though not everyone contains the same beliefs:

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Deborah currently attends the University of Central Florida where she double majors in political science and psychology with a minor in journalism studies.

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