Political Interviews With UCF Students: Conservative Edition


Vanessa is from West Palm Beach, Florida. This is her second year at UCF, but credit wise she is a junior. She majors in Psychology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She is a conservative Republican and a Trump supporter.

He’s very conservative and really cares about the people who are conserving American values. He has really strengthened the identity of the Republican party in the sense of sticking to what he says he’s going to do and sticking with the values of Conservatism, Capitalism, and strengthening what the Republican party stands for as the sense of American values.

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Once you think you can decide where life is going to be or isn’t, it’s a big thing. That’s something that I love about the Republican Party — and Donald Trump especially — is defending life. No matter how small. Or Whether it’s convenient or not. That’s a big factor, and it’s the life-giving party.

Vanessa disagrees with the Democratic party and its ideals.

I don’t think that’s how it’s meant to be. You can’t force people to stoop down to another level who are making significant amounts of money because they are hardworking and are not deserving of higher taxes because we need to support the people making less money. That’s a decision that people make.

Vanessa thinks that programs that provide assistance are great. However, she mentioned that many people abuse the system:

Regardless of gender, conservatives are portrayed as very old school, anti-progressive, and unwilling to change. All of the terms that are used — such as racist or homophobic — are simply because of a difference in opinion. A lot of derogatory terms are used. It’s very prominent in today’s society to be anti-conservative.

Vanessa feels that religion plays a role when it comes to the stereotypes of being homophobic or racist:

I definitely think he should have been permitted to speak here. One of the most important things is sustaining the idea of free speech. You can’t simply disregard somebody. I think it’s very ignorant to hate that someone is coming to your school because they disagree with you. If you are confident in your opinion and beliefs, I don’t think you should be so threatened by somebody who has a different belief than you. You shouldn’t be fighting against one of the basic rights as an American to speak freely and express your opinion. That’s what makes America so great. Anybody can believe anything they want. There’s obviously going to be contrasting opinions. The funding is definitely a controversial thing because people don’t want to be paying for something they don’t support. Which makes sense, but you would want the same sort of respect and permission for someone you did support to speak. The school reserves the right to allocate certain funds to certain activities. If they feel that’s what they are going to fund for, then there’s going to be opportunities for other people and commenters and speakers to come speak.

Vanessa said if a speaker that didn’t hold her beliefs were coming to UCF, she wouldn’t react in a negative fashion.

Abortion is one of the biggest issues. I believe life begins at conception. From the moment the zygote is created. To the moment it’s conceived. It’s already predetermined how tall they will be, how they look like, and their gender. The arguments against this are a bunch of euphemisms. There is the issue of rape, but I know that rape is one percent of all abortions, and that is not a significant enough statistic, in my opinion. When a woman is raped something horrible has happened. I don’t think following that up with something as horrible as killing a human being is right. Nobody other than God has the right to take away a life.

There’s always going to be some sort of criticism on how Trump handled anything, especially something as vague as a pandemic. There are very few Presidents in history who had to deal with a pandemic. I think he dealt with it very well, very well as any President could without completely destroying the American economy.

Vanessa mentioned the last Presidential Debate where Biden was looking at the camera to speak to the American people, saying:


Micheal is a senior from the University of Central Florida who studies Political Science with a pre-law track from Clearwater, Florida. He identifies as a conservative Republican with moderate ounces.

He’s an interesting character. A lot of people find that his biggest flaws are the silly things he does on Twitter. I personally don’t care about it. What I care about are the policies that he puts forth. We never had a President who has focused on economics. We had presidents who are usually lawyers and senators, but not an economic background. Trump has an economic bachelor’s from UPenn. That’s what this country needs. We need someone who knows how basic economics works to bring our country to a more prosperous direction. We’ve gone too long where we do these cultural changes and policy changes that are good for everyone, but we’re digging ourselves deeper in debt. Nobody has money anymore. Everybody is broke. I’m a college student. I’m broke. We need someone who knows how to handle the economy.

I’m not a racist. I don’t like racists, and I don’t care for them. The idea of generalizing everyone into one group is a terrible idea. It’s like saying all Democrats are exactly the same, which they’re not. There’re moderate democrats. There’re liberal democrats. There are conservative Democrats. There are Republicans who aren’t racist. There are people who like Trump, who aren’t racist. Or homophobic, xenophobic, or anything similar.

Micheal believes Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn’t exist. However, he believes that people are taking this election more personally than previous elections.

He’s been a senator for many years, but he wasn’t popular until he became President Obama’s VP. Then he exploded in popularity. I believe that’s what he’s running on. I don’t know if he has any actual policy plans.

Micheal is worried that Joe Biden would serve as a figurehead and would not make his own decision with there not being a President in charge, but a party.

Protests are an important part of society. It’s in the Constitution. When things like this happen, you demand change. However, when it becomes a riot, it pulls away from the original meaning. When riots happen, it portrays them as being violent and antagonists. I think the intentions are good. Do I think they should be burning down businesses or hurting people? No. I think this is the action of one bad person. The reform of the police needs to be done, but harming other people doesn’t change that. It’s like taking one step forward then two steps back. Real change needs to be made but not through violence.

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Deborah currently attends the University of Central Florida where she double majors in political science and psychology with a minor in journalism studies.