Political Interviews With UCF Students: Conservative Edition

When people think of Conservatism within the United States, the Grand Old Party comes to mind. It holds the most power when it comes to state legislatures, and is currently in control of most of the federal government with the exception of the House of Representatives. Two students from the University of Central Florida, Vanessa and Micheal, discussed with me their conservative beliefs and why they belong to the Republican Party.


Vanessa is from West Palm Beach, Florida. This is her second year at UCF, but credit wise she is a junior. She majors in Psychology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She is a conservative Republican and a Trump supporter.

Vanessa shared her political upbringing with me by starting off with her parents. They come from Poland and escaped communism and socialism during the Cold War.

When they came to America, they had nothing. They built the American Dream. They built their life from the ground up. They came with very little with my sister as a 6-month old baby. Their views were really what shaped mine.

Vanessa’s parents encouraged her and her siblings to have their own views. Her sister’s views are the opposite of her and her parents:

My family is definitely conservative, but it instilled in me what was right and wrong. It goes back to morality and personal experience and what they’ve gone through to work for themselves. Escaping a political climate that was so regulated governmentally was a big role in what shaped my values. My dad was saying that he didn’t have much of an opinion when he came over from Poland because he didn’t know really. But he started to slowly see when Obama was running for President. He [Vanessa’s Father] came to America to live a life that wasn’t controlled by a government that wanted to dictate and control financially or socially. My parents escaped what a lot of the Left is trying to bring back: socialism and heavily regulated government such as controlling people, revoking the 2nd amendment, taking people’s guns and rights away, and high taxes. That was very similar to the political oppression they experienced, such as being unable to practice the religion of your choosing and being unable to move up on the economic ladder on your own individually.

Vanessa supports the 45th President because of his conservative morals and his value for free markets and capitalism. She further listed his work on conserving Capitalism, maintaining deregulation, and the lowering of unemployment and taxes as well as him being pro-life and preserving American tradition:

He encourages people to live the way that America was built and founded, and he wants to keep that image and sustain it.

When it came to the 2016 election, Vanessa described herself as being shy and not knowing much:

My dad was a big Trump supporter during that time. I didn’t really know why or care to learn too much because I was young and naïve. ‘This doesn’t really affect me. I’m not an adult. I’m not going to be voting.’ I would have friends come over, and he had Trump signs on his yard. I would be embarrassed because I didn’t like starting uncomfortable, controversial conversations because you never really know what people are thinking. During my first year [of college], I was a Political Science major. Even during high school, that was the route I was going through because it was starting to really interest me.

Vanessa noticed a lot of bias in her political and law classes. Because of this, she began researching political content for herself.

I began to see in my heart what I felt and it was based on the morals I hold. The values I cared about the most led me to my beliefs. After Trump was elected, I informed myself as much as I could — with all the media biases. Events such as the first State of the Union and what he wanted for the country that my parents came to — to have a better life led me to my beliefs. In the past four years, I’ve gotten more passionate, more outspoken, and interested in what’s going on.

Vanessa sees that Trump’s influence on the Republican Party has been mixed.

There’s a lot of conservative Republicans that love Trump. There’s definitely some who feel that he’s very outspoken, very drastic, and a little bit too conservative. It is a very close line between Conservatives and Republicans. I know a lot of Republicans who are socially more liberal and economically stand more conservatively which makes sense for some people.

Despite members of the Republican Party feeling this way, Vanessa likes these qualities, stating:

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

She also mentioned that she knows that not everything is perfect:

Obviously, some things didn’t work. Women couldn’t vote back then. People say ‘Conservatives just want to keep what the founding fathers said.’ But there’s a way to make progress without destroying the foundation of America and destroying all the good that was created for a reason. We obviously made a lot of progress. We held true what was started and what America has based its entirety on. No party is perfect. No one is ever gonna satisfy everybody. Somebody is always gonna be upset within a party if you side with them or not. I think that since Trump has definitely gone more conservative, there’s a lot of Republicans that don’t like that. However, there’s even more that do. They like sticking with the values and idolizing an America that was meant to be free, hopeful, and prosperous — no matter where you came from. This incentivized people and made people want to work for their lives. I think the Democratic Party plays itself to be this humanitarian, saying ‘We care about all people!’ I think it’s the very opposite.

She disagrees with the Pro-People card being played by the Democratic Party because of their Pro-Choice views.

Vanessa disagrees with the Democratic party and its ideals.

I think Joe Biden is probably the worst thing to happen to the Democratic Party. His socialist ideals and his extreme leftist views are destroying the basis of the party and making it extremely left. That’s way past what a lot of people expected from a Democratic leader. It’s way past Barack Obama. The line of Democrat and Liberal has gone very blurred. The same can be said about the Republican party. It has gone very Conservative and Republican.

She listed that there is a lot of corruption within both parties, but specifically mentioned the Democratic Party, stating:

There’s so much going on in the world that nobody knows about. In my opinion, I think the Democratic Party has so many things that people don’t know. Jeffrey Epstein. Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden. All the emails released. All the private islands of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The people in government know what’s going on but are still pushing this idea of power, not caring about what happens to the American people.

Vanessa is worried about the Democratic Party and its leadership from Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, stating:

People who are Democrats — and are obviously not supporting Republican ideals at all — have no choice but to support their candidate right now. These people are being sucked into a system of corruption and bad American ideals that are not going to work for this country. Socialism has never worked anywhere. It will never work. It’s an idea of a utopian society of perfectionism, and everyone is equal. I think that’s what that party is leaning toward. But a lot of people don’t agree with that [Socialism]. It’s not a good move for the party.

Because Vanessa stated that Biden is a socialist, I had to ask her about Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. She mentioned Sander’s plan of free education, stating:

I think the whole idea of raising taxes and telling every college student that they are going to be able to go to college for free is a corrupt move and is extremely misleading.

She, later on, went back to mentioning Joe Biden:

Joe Biden wants the opposite of what America is built on. He wants to regulate everything. He wants to increase taxes. He wants to take money away from hardworking people and make people who make more money pay higher taxes. In America, you’re free to do whatever you want. People face adversity in everyday life, and that’s going to inhibit you from achieving your goal. But preserving through that is the beauty of America. Increasing taxes because someone makes more money is not the thing to do because that person is working hard to make their money. Joe Biden paves the way for preserving welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid. I think that’s not what’s going to be good for everybody. It puts Americans in a very vulnerable situation, forcing them to rely on government. You’re being controlled by the White House and the government, and they watch your every move. They tell you what you can and can’t do. How much you’re going to pay, how much of your money you’re going to keep, how far you can climb up the social ladder, and how far you can advance.

She mentioned how people who are wealthy shouldn’t be forced down from their positions to pick up the slack of those who are lower income, stating:

Vanessa thinks that programs that provide assistance are great. However, she mentioned that many people abuse the system:

Some people are lazy. Obviously, there are a lot of situations where you need it. It’s being taken way out of proportion. I think the idea that somebody on welfare — who could easily be working — shouldn’t be done. They can try to build their life up as other people have done. There are people who are successfully making millions of dollars a year. They worked hard. If they inherited it, that’s still their family lineage and people working for their money. I don’t think those people need to compensate for other’s people’s lack.

Vanessa believes that Trump Derangement Syndrome exists, stating:

He’s very outspoken and loyal to what he believes in. I think it’s [TDS] very easy to have when there’s such a big divide in America right now. There are a lot of people who don’t support him or like him at all. The term mudslinging comes to mind, and people will really use anything they see that they can use to exploit or add to the reasons why they don’t like him. Especially with the Left’s control of media. Obviously, that’s going to play a big role in how a Republican president is portrayed, especially with his big personality — and he doesn’t care what people who don’t support him think necessarily. I’ve seen it firsthand with people I’ve spoken to. They will nitpick at anything he does even if it has been done in the past.

Vanessa is a conservative woman. So, I had to ask her the media’s portrayal of not only conservatives in general but specifically conservative women:

I think there is a huge misconception on conservative women. That they all have some kind of thing holding them to conservatism like a man’s power or patriarchy. That we’re still oppressed, and we don’t know what we’re talking about. That we’re scared and we don’t want to be independent. We don’t want to be feminists. We don’t want to have our own power or standing. Outspoken women like Candace Owens, are a great example of proving this wrong. It’s very hard for women in the conservative world to overcome. It’s a lot easier to be a liberal woman, in my opinion, because young people our age are very much identifying with that [Liberalism]. I think that the portrayal is completely backward. I think a lot of liberal, leftist ideologies are not — in fact — empowering women. All of these things are very twisted from what usually was. Obviously, it goes back to women’s rights and the feminist movement — and that was all very left. I feel very empowered as a conservative woman and standing up for what I believe.

When moving onto conservatives in general, she feels the monopoly that the Left holds within the media plays a big role in its portrayal.

Vanessa feels that religion plays a role when it comes to the stereotypes of being homophobic or racist:

I’m Catholic, and I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. But I’m not homophobic. God says to love everybody. I really do believe that’s true. As kind of cliché as it sounds, you’re not required to agree with what everybody thinks. Any ideology that you have that has a large majority of people can’t force people. You can encourage people to respect and understand without having them endorse or support with their entire being.

Vanessa knows that there are racists and homophobic conservatives and Republicans. She says that there are racists and homophobic liberals as well.

I know that a lot of times it is associated with that party [Republicans]. However, there is a lot of extremely understanding and loving people on the conservative side that are not portrayed because we are portrayed as ‘anti-this’ and ‘anti-that.’ Or old school, homophobic, and racist because we are not dedicating our lives to things like Black Lives Matter. It’s extremely ignorant to assume somebody is racist or homophobic simply because they are conservative. Even if they are not professing their LGBTQ support on social media 24 hours a day, you can be both. They’re not mutually exclusive. They say if you’re not speaking up, you’re choosing to be on the side of the oppressor. But I don’t think it’s that black and white. There’s a gray area where you’re stuck. Basically, no matter what you say, you’re either not doing enough, or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

With the mention of Black Lives Matter, we moved onto the protests and her thoughts:

I think the idea is very prevalent — especially during an election year — they are very prolific and controversial. I agree with empowering people. I don’t agree with victimizing, and I think that’s what a lot of that movement is doing. George Floyd was a criminal. Regardless of what happened to him, it was a horrible thing that happened to him. I one hundred percent agree with that. It should not have happened in any circumstance. The Black Lives Matter Movement puts people on a pedestal and victimizes them. It encourages the behavior that happened prior and that wasn’t released. This man went up to a pregnant woman and threatened to shoot her in the stomach. I don’t know what exactly the situation was, but it did happen, and it is a documented fact. I don’t think you can turn somebody who is a criminal into a hero for your movement. I think Black Lives Matter in itself — the idea — is obviously good.

Vanessa doesn’t like the idea of defunding the police and the demonization that police officers. She says they protect our country. She also brought up the point of how white men have been hijacking the idea of Black Lives Matter as well, stating:

Not all cops are good, but not all cops are bad. I think Black Lives Matter is an organization of white men using the faces of dead black people to raise money toward electing White Democrats into positions of power. I think that in itself is racist because Black Lives Matter cares about black votes, not the people behind the votes or the people actually in the situation. It’s not actually a charity. It’s a corporation that has no locations. The money they raise goes to Democratic candidates. I think it’s not all that it’s cuts out to be or all it seems to be in itself. We are given the right to peacefully protest, but when it turns into rioting and looting, you’re not sending a message of peace. They’re saying you can’t achieve what you want peacefully. I don’t think that’s true. The police officer was in the wrong for what happened, but I do know George Floyd was on a heavy number of drugs. There’s a way you get into these situations, and I know it’s not always so clear and evident, but it’s not always how it’s portrayed to be. I think that it’s much more empowering to not victimize a group of people. We can obviously make more progress with racial equality. It’s very much up to the race that you are victimizing to put an example for themselves. You’re basically reversing racism, in my opinion. I want that to come across that I do think all lives matter. I do think it is easy to say ‘You can’t really say all lives matter because there is this systematic racism and one group of people is being discriminated against. So, you can’t say everyone matters when there is one group being targeted or unequally treated.’ But I think it’s much deeper than that and goes beyond the surface of just race.

Vanessa believes that the Ben Shapiro event that would have taken place back in March but was postponed due to COVID-19 should’ve taken place, stating:

Vanessa said if a speaker that didn’t hold her beliefs were coming to UCF, she wouldn’t react in a negative fashion.

You don’t have to go. You don’t have to listen to what they are saying. I would love if a leftist, liberal, or Democrat was speaking. I like learning about things like that, then I can be well-verse, defend my position, and understand the other side as well. Once you begin taking things [freedom of speech] like that away, the whole system that America is founded on falls. There is no getting arrested for slandering the government like there used to be. If we went back to something like that, that would be so backward in the progress that we made. Taking away the ability for someone to speak at a school. Taking away that person’s free speech. It doesn’t matter if people don’t support or do support. It’s the fact that they are saying something, and that’s their right as an American.

Vanessa shared the same respect when it came to Kaitlin Bennett.

She came with the intent of interviewing students peacefully. I think in return, students showed up to harass and threaten her. There were things said about people paying others to cause her physical harm. I think that’s extremely blown out of proportion. That is a whole new level with disagreeing with someone or a difference in opinion. That’s just hatred for simply having a different opinion than somebody. I think the way she carries herself is very outspoken, and that bothers a lot of people. That’s her right as a citizen, as an American. To have free speech and to be able to say what she thinks. People don’t have to show up and listen to what she’s saying. It’s the same situation with Ben Shapiro. They are both prolifically known and very well recognized people within the conservative eye. The second amendment is one of her biggest points and is one of the most controversial hot topics now and years ago. That has a really simple way of triggering people.

Vanessa’s top issues are abortion, immigration, and the economy, and the free market.

As for immigration, Vanessa agrees with the President with the exception of the children in cages and the forced sterilizations that have been mentioned:

My parents lived in Poland; left Poland then lived in Greece for a year in order to come to America legally. They were one of four people who got chosen to receive citizenship. My mom walked with my sister — who was six months old at the time — six miles to the Citizenship building when she got the call. That is the way it’s supposed to be. I like how Donald Trump focuses on America first. Regulating immigration. Regulating the criminals coming in from other countries. Reducing and preventing all of the human trafficking, drugs, smuggling, child trafficking — things that happen within the border. If people like my parents — who were as desperate as can be to leave a country in the middle of a war and a horrible political climate — if they can wait and do it the right way, it can be done.

Vanessa believes that there needs to be an easier process when it comes to legal immigration.

It will reduce the amount of illegal immigration. However, it doesn’t make sense to have an open border and to financially support immigrants who are not citizens. A lot of that is increasing the crime rate. I think America is built on a lot of immigrants, but I think it should be legal.

When it comes to the economy, Vanessa disagrees with the notion that taxes were only lowered for the wealthy, stating:

People say Donald Trump just lowered taxes for rich people. I consider myself middle class, but this was the biggest tax cut for the middle class in the history of America. A large proportion of America is middle class, and it [the tax cuts] sustained the free market. Keeping a capitalistic economy is what incentivizes people to start their businesses, create new jobs, and innovate things.

Vanessa finds it funny when people the President, a dictator while simultaneously wanting the removal of the second amendment.

So many leaders who take a socialist, dictator or Marxist role make their first step by removing rights, guns, and weapons. The definition of a dictator is oppressing people so that they can’t stand against you because of the threat that people who are free to do as they wish. That[Freedom] is what America was founded on. I think that taking that right [the second amendment] away from people is a terrible idea.

When it comes to the local and state government, Vanessa plans on reading on everything before she makes her first vote. Still, she knows for sure that she will be voting for President Trump.

She doesn’t see voting by mail as a partisan issue. She understands the concerns of its security due to the high intensity of this election.

I know Republicans who have done mail-in voting. I know Republicans who are completely against mail-in voting. I will be voting in person, but with how divided this election is, I do think there’s a higher chance of some kind of corruption within the ballots when it’s going through mail as opposed to happening in person.

Vanessa got COVID-19 and has since recovered. She feels that the media has exaggerated the virus.

Vanessa mentioned the last Presidential Debate where Biden was looking at the camera to speak to the American people, saying:

I think it’s a very cheap way of convincing Americans that they should be horrified of a virus. I think the rates were completely blown out of proportion. The testing was extremely inaccurate. I know so many people who have got out of line, never even gotten tested, and got a call a day later saying they were positive. I know people that have gotten tested one day. The first day they were negative. Got tested the second day and tested positive the next day. I think it’s a very real thing, but it’s being politicized way too much. Governor DeSantis giving back people the ability to live freely in a pandemic is good. It takes a big toll on people not only physically but emotionally and mentally. It was a national mandate to wear a mask. It should be up to the businesses to wear masks, as Ron DeSantis made that a thing. If you don’t want to wear a mask, you don’t wear a mask. If I want to wear a mask, I can. You are increasing the safety supposedly, but the science isn’t always completely accurate. You can blow a candle out with a mask on. First, it wasn’t an airborne disease, then it was. The science is so unknown, and it’s very hard to deal with something like this as a President, a Governor, and as a citizen.

When it comes to who will be winning the election, Vanessa is unsure.

The news networks are run by the Left. So, they are going to be playing it off as Joe Biden will be winning — until all the Republicans get off work and start voting,” she jokes. You can’t tell. I don’t think it will be a third-party. It will be one of the two. It’s going to be a crazy day when all the results get released, and people will be really upset. It’s going to be interesting.

Toward the end of the zoom call, I asked Vanessa why should people be conservatives and how would she convince others:

I don’t think you can force somebody to change their ideologies and their beliefs. I think you can encourage people, especially if you share a lot of similar views. You can explain to people why you think the way you do. I would explain the beauty of conserving values that America was founded on. I would express the economic benefits that a conservative economy presents. I explain my Pro-Life argument to a lot of people, and people nod their heads and disagree. That’s a big thing I talk about when I talk to people about politics. I love the way it [Conservatism/Republican Party] portrays itself. It is the American party. It is the original. It’s cultivating. It’s morale. It’s improving things. It’s a beautiful representation on how to live your life.

After UCF, Vanessa plans on getting her Ph.D. She hopes to have her own business in the future.


Micheal is a senior from the University of Central Florida who studies Political Science with a pre-law track from Clearwater, Florida. He identifies as a conservative Republican with moderate ounces.

Micheal comes from a poor family. All of his family members are Democrats who are not pleased with Trump, with the exception of his dad, who is more moderate. Religious beliefs do not have an influence on his conservative views.

Growing up, I blamed Democrats the way we were because I had a family member who lived off the government. They did intentionally, and even fraudulently, I’m sure. I don’t want to be like that. What led me to be a conservative Republican, is the idea that people like my family member does exist. They take advantage of these programs. The problem with these social welfare programs — which are usually placed in place by Democrats — is the intent is there, but the control isn’t. There is so much fraud that goes on. I can’t sit by and watch people be dependent on it. I hate to see people complain about how bad life is and sit around and do nothing about it.

He got into political science because of his American Government teacher while he was getting his associate degree.

Learning about the laws, court systems, and US Government was interesting. I don’t necessarily care too much about the political side of things, just more about how the government operates.

Micheal is a Trump supporter because of his economic policies and his economic background.

When I asked him about Trump’s influence on the Republican Party, he said each party’s members will vote for whoever is their presidential candidate.

I doubt they [Republican Party] like him all that much. I think they are just sticking with him because he’s part of the party. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that once he’s gone, they probably wouldn’t care.

Micheal believes there are two types of bias when it comes to the media’s portrayal of people with his conservative political beliefs.

There’s bias that you try to hide as fair news, and there’s bias where you know there’s bias, and you don’t really do that much to hide it. You know it. You own it. For instance, if you take CNN or MSNBC, they portray an image that they are trying to be unbiased, but you can tell by the way they acted previously to the 2016 election that they are obviously biased. They just don’t tell you versus Fox News. I’ve watched it for years. Even before Trump was elected, they’ve always been biased. They’ve always been pro-Republican or conservative. That’s never been questioned or a debate. If you watch Fox News, you’re going to get Republican viewpoints.

He goes on and states that media such as CNN or MSNBC stereotypically labels conservatives and Republicans as being racist or hateful.

Micheal believes Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn’t exist. However, he believes that people are taking this election more personally than previous elections.

They [Executive branch] don’t do all of that much in terms of change. Change takes years. One President isn’t going to change all that much. Small changes over the course of history is what it comes down to. When it comes to Trump Derangement Syndrome, people are emotionally invested in their beliefs because you have hardcore Trump believers and general Democrats. People need something to get their anger out on. It just comes off as incoherent or bad.

When it comes to Ben Shapiro, Micheal believes he makes good points. He originally didn’t know about the event that was supposed to take place earlier in the year, however.

There’s definitely some controversy surrounding his visits. When those visits come, the two sides definitely clash. I probably wouldn’t have gone myself. I’m not really that political. I don’t need validation from him to know what I believe. Whether these people do or not is up to them.

When I asked him if Ben should be allowed on Campus, he responded that everyone should.

UCF is not private. They receive federal funds. Because of that, everyone should be allowed to speak. The campus itself should have no say. If you want free speech, it’s all or nothing.

For Kaitlin Bennett, he didn’t originally know who she was but saw that people on GroupMe were talking about her.

Obviously, if you’re breaking the law, you shouldn’t be allowed. As long as she’s doing it the right way, she should be allowed to be there.

Micheal feels that the Democratic party is becoming too left.

I hear this all the time from people who don’t have that much experience in politics say ‘Oh the Democrats are the party for the poor. The Republicans are the party for the rich.’ I’m not rich by any means, neither is my family. I think that’s one of the false narratives that have given. I think Democrats have portrayed the image that they are for the poor because of the social welfare programs they do. They’ve gone so far left it’s impossible for me to want to vote Democrat. Obama was fine. I think they are pushing these policies that are nice in theory but super unrealistic. For instance, the Green New Deal sounds nice on paper, but in terms of throwing the country into economic ruin to achieve this, we need to find a better, effective way to do it. When the government does anything, they do a terrible job doing it. If the New Green Deal was put into place, they estimated it would be $30 trillion. It would run over budget and would almost double due to the Government. They need to focus on policy running a little bit better before they take such extreme stances on things.

Micheal already voted for President Trump because he is not fond of Presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Micheal is worried that Joe Biden would serve as a figurehead and would not make his own decision with there not being a President in charge, but a party.

He would play no part in policy making and would be left on the Democratic party to push their agenda. He would do whatever they ask him to. I’ve seen Trump disagree with many things with Republicans. I’ve seen him stand against them, and that’s a qualitative thing.

Micheal finds mailing by mail as a tricky thing because there has always been corruptness to it.

Even before Trump or Obama, there always has been some kind of mail or ballot fraud. The Post Office — specifically USPS — is notorious for losing a lot of things. As a lot of carriers do. Do I trust them? Sure, but when you think about it, if they handle 800,000 ballots and lose one percent of it, that’s still a lot of votes that get lost.

He believes that voting in person or dropping off your ballot in person is a better choice, stating:

Because you get the safety and security of bringing it there yourself. You don’t have to depend on the mailman not losing it in his truck or dropping it on the way back to the bin.

One positive thing that he mentioned about the Democratic party was their unity.

You have Republicans who break off from votes and don’t vote the party line. But Democrats almost always do. Every election, they almost always stick together.

Micheal doesn’t care that much when it comes to local and state elections. He doesn’t participate because he doesn’t have time.

Micheal’s most important platform relates to economics.

My view on rich people — specifically large corporations and taxes — is I think Democrats push the idea that rich people and large corporations are bad. I don’t think they are bad. They’re started by people who worked very hard to get where they are at. If we start punishing people for working hard to be where they’re at, we’re going to be left with nobody that’s going to try.

His other important issues include criminal justice reform and universal health care.

Healthcare is a huge topic. Making healthcare more affordable is something that needs to change. I believe universal healthcare should be a thing. But I don’t think it should be run by the government. They are terrible at running anything like the Medicaid and Medicare programs. They cost so much because the government loses money and overspends.

Micheal says there is a difference between protests and riots when it comes to the demonstrations that have been taking place since May due to the death of not only George Floyd but other African Americans.

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, he feels that both the President and Governor Ron DeSantis did a great job, stating:

A lot of people think that he’s not taking any action. That’s a fair point. But I would also like to mention that Trump left it to the states to decide what is best for their state. That’s why the federal government and the state are two separate levels of government. The state knows better what their citizens want than the President who visits once a year to host a rally. The President most likely doesn’t know all that much about the people of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Florida. So, it’s up to the state and their local levels to know what their people need. I think Governor DeSantis did pretty good. We had the phases where we closed everything, and then we’re starting to open up. We’re up to full capacity now.

Micheal says COVID-19 sounds scary and is highly infectious. However, he thinks that the severe cases are the ones that get published.

I think most people do get it at some point, but they don’t even know it. Sitting at home all day sucks, and California is a good example of that. One of my wife’s family members — who is in California can’t do anything. You can’t keep people cooped up like that. If you want to beat something, you can’t be afraid to fight it. People are going to die, and that’s the unfortunate reality. The best thing you can do is limit the number of people who do get hurt from it. It’s been a healthy balance between keeping people safe but allowing us the free will of deciding what we want to do as people.

He believes Donald Trump will be a two-term President. However, he also mentions that it’s a toss-up.

The incumbent in any election always has the advantage. He has the incumbent advantage. The thing with the incumbent is usually people don’t like change. That’s why they usually win. But in this case, a lot of people do not like him. I don’t think the incumbent advantage won’t be there as it usually is. A lot of Democrats because of what is going on and them being emotionally charged. They are going to be more prone to voting because they have a goal to get rid of Trump. I think Trump will win. He’s campaigning more than Joe Biden. A hardcore Democrat isn’t going to switch parties simply because someone isn’t campaigning. They are going to vote for the party no matter what or who. It all comes down to the numbers.

Micheal has a policy against pressuring people to go Republican, stating:

I want people to make their own decisions. I would ask, do you like the way you are living? Do these policies represent you? Those are the kinds of questions I would ask. Is the President or your party doing what you want them to do in your eyes? I think that’s what gets a lot of people to change. They look at what the people who represent their party are doing, and if they aren’t happy with it, they change on their own.

After UCF, Micheal plans on going to law school to get his Juris Doctor.

Deborah currently attends the University of Central Florida where she double majors in political science and psychology with a minor in journalism studies.